Porterville Furniture Cleaning
And Upholstery Cleaning

Have you noticed?

Dirty furniture starts to stink.

Get Porterville furniture cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and carpet cleaning done before the stench runs you out of the house!

Too dramatic?

Well, here's the deal...

Unclean furniture looks dingy, old, wore out, and yes, starts to smell after a while.

That's a fact.

We have powerful equipment and safe effective cleaning solutions to get your furniture and upholstery looking like new again.

Before you spend a ton of cash on NEW furniture, have your old furniture cleaned.  It'll have it's sparkle back and have that new furniture smell.

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Clean Couch For BabyPowerful Yet Completely Safe

We do more than carpet cleaning.

In fact, it is our expertise and experience in cleaning carpets that makes us so effective and successful at Porterville furniture cleaning.

After all, your sofa is basically an upright carpet.  Well...sort of...

The fabric is a little thinner and the cushion is a little deeper but it's the same techniques used on carpet that also work on furniture.

6 Reasons You'll Want Us Back Regularly

  1. You'll be happy with our low prices.

  2. You'll be surprised by our friendliness.

  3. You'll be pleased with the incredible results.

  4. You'll be relieved that we won't be in your home all day.

  5. You'll be grateful that your furniture will sparkle and smell fresh.

  6. You'll be ecstatic that we can get your furniture cleaned THIS WEEK.

Porterville Furniture Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning

Porterville Furniture CleaningYep, this stuff works.

Our incredibly powerful state of the art furniture cleaning equipment, in conjunction with our safe yet surprisingly effective upholstery cleaning solutions, allow us to get stubborn stains out fast.

Months of Porterville dust, dead skin, and skin oils attach themselves to the surface of your furniture. Over time they become ground-in and begin to harbor bacteria and even fungi.

That fungi is not a very fun guy. That was dumb. Sorry.

When drinks are spilled on your furniture it can seep deep down inside your upholstery making it very difficult to get out.

Never fear though, our Porterville furniture cleaning equipment and cleaning agents can help to neutralize, loosen, and then remove all the residues, bacteria, and dust mites on, and in, your furniture.

We can remove the ground in dirt, stains, and even the persistent odors. Our deep cleaning methods get even the toughest grease and grime.

How To Get Your Furniture Cleaned

Upholster Cleaning Technician

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