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Our local Porterville carpet cleaning service is absolutely 100% top notch.

Using only the latest in carpet cleaning technology we expertly clean even the worst carpets in the Porterville area.

Porterville Carpet Cleaners

  • Low, Low Prices.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • State Of The Art Equipment.
  • Experienced and Professional Technicians.
  • Safest and Most Effective Cleaning Solutions.


  • We help with emergency flood situations and dry outs.

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We treat your home or business like it's our very own precious property.  It is our greatest pleasure to serve the people of Porterville, Lindsay, Strathmore, Terra Bella, Springville and surrounding communities while working hard to earn your return business. We are totally aware that only satisfied customers come back over and over again.

From Delano to Porterville to Visalia and Tulare and even as far north as Kingsburg, we'll travel to where you need us. 

We're proud to guarantee our cleaning service and happy to offer prices that will make you smile...

Porterville Carpet CleanerFresh. Clean. Carpet.

Porterville Carpet Cleaners

The appearance of your carpet is one thing but don't forget about all the soil, dust, pollen, and other unwanted particulates that collect in and on your carpet that can't even be seen.

All those things that create a dirty looking carpet also end up creating dust mites, aggravating asthma, and promoting allergy symptoms.

Clean Carpet Clears Consciences...

But, of course, I'm preaching to the choir. You came here to our site because you've already decided to clean your carpet. So, why am I trying to convince you that you need to clean your carpet regularly? Just a friendly reminder...

Porterville Carpet Cleaning Technician

People often forget about all the crap our carpets collect day after day, week after week, month after month.

Think about this...You know how you can wipe off and Armour-All your car's dash board and one day later it's covered with a thin layer of dust already?

It's happening to your carpet every single day too.

But I vacuum.”

Fine. But that only gets what's on the surface. Every time you, your family, and your pets walk on your carpet, stuff is getting ground in and driven down to the carpet's base.

And there it sits...decaying, compacting, and feeding and breeding more and more dust mites.

But I have a really powerful vacuum. It really sucks.” ...I know you mean that in a GOOD way.

Still. It can't get everything. Few vacuums, even the really good ones, can't get everything out of the lower areas of your carpet.

So, what's the solution?”

Good question. But you already know the answer don't you?

The answer is “deep cleaning”...and on a regular basis.

A little bit of safe but effective cleaning solution, plus state of the art carpet cleaning equipment, can get out even the most ground-in grime.  And Porterville Carpet Cleaners has top-notch equipment.

Our services also include...

  • Business and Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Water Extraction and Flood Dry-Outs
  • ...AND MORE

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What You Get: Porterville Carpet Cleaning Company

Clean Carpet In Porterville, CA

Clean carpets are one of the things that makes your home healthy and allergy free.  

Our Porterville carpet cleaning service includes:

  1. Thorough vacuuming with a powerful top of the line machine.
  2. Spot treatment for stains and heavily soiled areas.
  3. Pre-conditioning.
  4. Hot water extraction steam cleaning with the latest high tech equipment.
  5. Moving and shuffling of your furniture.

And it's fast drying too. Almost all the moisture that is applied to your carpet is sucked back up into our machines. The small amount of moisture left over dries quickly. Usually in 3 or 4 hours.

Our special Porterville carpet cleaner methods clean more thoroughly than standard cleaners. Unique hot water extraction is the method preferred by carpet cleaning companies that are on top of their game. And the largest producer of carpet worldwide, Shaw Industries, insists their customers use this method.

Porterville's residents are an active bunch. We spend plenty of time outside and, between tracking in mud in the winter and dust in the summer, we also have to deal with all that dust in the air that I mentioned above.

That valley dust gently and invisibly drifts into the house, settles on our carpet and furniture, then we grind it in as we walk back and forth.

Nothing can be done to completely prevent it. It gets everywhere. Air conditioner and furnace filters can help but can't get all of it.

You can dust and vacuum now and within a few hours a fresh new layer has miraculously appeared.

So, all we can do is have our carpets and furniture cleaned regularly by professionals who know what they're doing.  That's where Porterville Carpet Cleaners comes in. For professional awning cleaning, roof and gutter cleaning, or janitorial we recommend this cleaning service company in Porterville.


The oldest carpet known to exist is over 2,000 years old.  It was found in a Siberian tomb in the 1940s and is known as the Pazyryk Carpet.  I wonder if it's due for a cleaning?

Kids, Pets, and Clumsy Husbands

Child On Clean Carpet

By now, I suspect you've decided that having your carpet professionally cleaned with our Porterville carpet cleaner service is a good idea. And I haven't even mentioned yet all the things that get spilled and dropped on your carpet.

Got kids?  Forget about it! Your carpet's going to get dirty and stained.

Try all you want to teach your kids how to handle drinks and food but some of it's going to end up on the carpet.

Am I right?

Pets?  Yep, stains and odors for sure.

Clumsy husband? Well...enough said.

But don't stress over all the nasty things that can happen to your carpet. We've got you covered with state of the art cleaning machines that leave your floor looking like new.  And UNdamaged too.

Our methods are safe and gentle but still tough enough to handle the most persistent soiling.

Our Porterville carpet cleaner service GETS THE GRIME OUT. Guaranteed!

Carpet Cleaning In Porterville, CA

We are set up and uniquely positioned to service any of your carpet cleaning needs in the Porterville area and beyond.

Our many years of experience and expert training make us more than qualified to accomplish your needs in a professional manner.

Protect Your Investment.

Remember, your carpets are a long term investment. And just like any large purchase, you want to take care of it so it can last for many years.

Regular cleaning can keep your carpet looking and feeling like new. The longer you wait the harder it may be to get the stain out. That might end up costing you more on your cleaning service.

So, catch it early.  Keeping it clean is a lot cheaper than having to buy new carpet down the road.

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Clean Carpet Makes Your House A HOME

Make Your House A HOME

A House Has Carpet.

Your carpet is supposed be welcoming and comforting.   A good clean carpet with a nice scent and a like new appearance makes your house a home.  Not just a place with good carpet but a real inviting HOME.

Ten Reasons Our Customers
Come Back To Us Over And Over...

1.  State Of The Art Equipment.  All our Porterville carpet cleaner equipment are newer models that have the most effective operating systems.   And they're diligently maintained and serviced after every use.   Moving parts are regularly replaced and updated for highest and best use.

2.  Safe And Effective Cleaning Solutions. No need to worry about left over chemical residue. Your children and pets are safe with our services.  We use modern green technology that keeps your carpet and your home clean, fresh, and safe.

3.  Best Staff On The Planet. Only the most dedicated and conscientious people need apply for positions at our company. Our Porterville carpet cleaner technicians and office staff take pride in their work. All of us here want to provide the best service possible when answering your call, answering your questions, scheduling your appointment, and visiting your home or business.

4.  Fast Service.  We won't make you wait forever to get your carpet cleaned. In fact, we can often get your carpet done within 24 to 48 hours. And we'll arrive on time, get the work done, and get out in a timely manner.

5.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Is there something you're not happy with? (Not likely) But if for some reason you're not completely satisfied with our Porterville carpet cleaner service let us know and we'll fix it.   No matter what it is.

Absolutely positively UNsatisified?  Just ask for your money back. If you don't feel that you got your money's worth, you don't pay.   Period.

6.  We'll Move Your Furniture.  Yeah, don't worry about your furniture.  We'll slide it around, get the carpet cleaned, and put it back in place.   Save your back, we'll handle it.

7.  Low Prices.  No one cleans carpet as thoroughly as we do for the low price we ask. We guarantee nobody else can beat our prices.

8.  We're Local.  Ever try to hire one of those large, nationwide service companies?  Whether it's house cleaning service, lawn service, or carpet cleaning, the BIG companies charge BIG PRICES.

Let's face it, they have a LOT of overhead...Huge advertising budgets and lots of middle men and supervisors that need to be paid.  Not to mention, selfish employees who do half the work in twice the time and don't care about quality.

Trust us as your Porterville carpet cleaner instead.  We live nearby, our kids go to school with your kids, we live and work in your town, and who knows, we might even worship together on Sunday mornings!

We're small enough to monitor every employee and take good care of every piece of equipment. But we're big enough to handle all of Porterville's needs with as much professionalism as anyone.

9.  Experience.  We've been doing this a long time.  Many hundreds of Porterville carpets have been cleaned by us. Some have been cleaned by us for years. Plus, we're educated and certified as professional carpet cleaning technicians.

Believe me, we've seen a lot of changes in the carpet cleaning industry over the years.  We've seen all the ups and the downs.  Plus, we've seen and adopted all the most effective improvements.

And we've seen every kind of carpet, every kind of stain, and every kind of situation imaginable. Embarrassed about a filthy carpet? Don't be. We've seen it all and I guarantee you we've seen worse than yours.

10.   We Do The Work.  You might be thinking of renting a carpet cleaner and cleaning your carpet yourself. I don't recommend it. I've seen too many carpets ruined.

I've also received tons of phone calls from people saying that they rented a carpet cleaner but it didn't get the job done.  Well, NO KIDDING!  Rentals are old, worn out, and not maintained properly.  Some of them are pure junk.

11.  BONUS: We're Flexible. We'll come by when it's best for you.  Before work? After work? Even weekends!

So, don't waste your time and money and energy on a rental.  Call us sooner rather than later.  We'll do it right the first time and you'll be happy with the results.  I guarantee it.

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Want clean carpets with no risk?

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