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Pretty much anything that has carpet, we can handle.

Rugs too. Carpets...Rugs...It's all the same to us.

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Porterville Carpet Cleaning

Ever wonder how much of the dirt in your carpet get picked up by your vacuum?

Whether you're using a top notch $1,000 vacuum or a Walmart special, I guarantee you it's not getting the carpet cleaning job done.

Even the most powerful and innovative machines can't get to the depths of your carpet to remove all the ground in dirt, soil, and particulates.

Nor can they remove stains and dinginess that build up over time.

We have a lot of dust to deal with here in Porterville, CA, and that dust settles on your carpet every day, that is, assuming we haven't had rain. And lately that's becoming more and more rare. But even when we get rain, now we've got mud to deal with.

The result?

Unpleasant odors, unattractive appearance, and early degradation of the carpets fibers.

Not to mention, potential health issues for you and your family...

Day after day, week after week, dust and dirt collect and the base of your carpet. Then dust mites find their way in, begin to breed, and multiply out of control.

Over time you and your loved ones, including pets, can suffer from allergies, aggravated asthma, and other respiratory problems.

Dirty CarpetDust Mites+Dried Skin +Bacteria=Allergies

Getting Your Carpets REALLY Clean

Don't worry about everything I said above. It's only a problem if you do NOTHING.

But you're going to do something about it.

Having your Porterville carpets cleaned with state of the art equipment and using safe and effective cleaning solutions solves the problem.

  • The pro-grade carpet cleaning equipment that we use in your home is the best that cash can acquire. Only the best machines are found in our trucks and vans. Plus, they're maintained regularly with thorough cleaning and part replacement.

  • The cleaning solutions used on your carpet are gentle enough to keep your carpet in prime condition. And it's safe for children and pets. But it's also powerful enough to get out the ground in dirt and odors that your carpet collects over time. They leave your carpet looking like new and smelling fresh.

  • The technician who arrives at your residence is professional, respectful, and experienced. We've been doing this a long time. We've seen all kinds of carpets. We know how to get your Porterville carpet cleaning done in a timely manner and in a way that makes things easy on you.

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